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Science Fiction Movie & Soundtrack

Welcome to the TERRARIUM movie website! TERRARIUM is an independently made science fiction feature, running 84 minutes. Produced and Directed by filmmaker, Mike Conway, this 16mm film is a drama that boasts some good scares and features top notch effects from CGI designers, who have worked on some of television's most popular sci-fi shows.

Here, you can order the DVD 2 disc set ("real" DVDs, with Dolby Stereo 2.0 and pressed by JVC labs) and the original soundtrack on CD. You can watch clips from the movie and look at the many photographs. We also welcome comments from fans and filmmakers on the Message Board.

The DVD also features 3 bonus movies from Mike Conway and other independent filmmakers. See "Background" for details. The bonus movies are for audiences, who like to have fun, shouting and screaming at some of the over the top action scenes and suspense.

This package is not rated. There are scenes of violence, which could be considered restricted viewing for children (come on, one of the movies is called ROADKILL!). There is some adult language, though not gratuitous (there is one 'F' word in the whole thing). There is no nudity (sorry!).